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5 reasons why you should have a spare car key

Over 2 million used cars sold each year in the UK, only a small percentage will be sold with 2 or more keys.
Only a select few will contact an auto locksmith or local dealer garage to buy a spare key. Meaning there are still a large number of motorists driving around with just one key, In fact, it is estimated that around 40% of motorists in the UK do not have a spare car key.
Why is this a bad thing you ask? Well here are 5 reasons why you should always have a spare.

  1. Cost saving – Getting a second key from an auto locksmith while you have at least one working key will save you cash. An auto locksmith will normally have less work to do and will not need to gain entry to your car or remove any locks.
  2. Peace of mind – Even if you are the only driver and an additional key is not being used, it still makes sense to have a spare car key stored somewhere safe. This removes the worry of losing your key and gives you a backup option if you can’t find your key but know it is somewhere inside the house. If you are are running late you can take the spare key and find the missing key later when you have time.
  3. Convenience – Having a backup car key will save you the hassle of towing your car into a dealers garage or waiting around for an auto locksmith to arrive.
  4. Vehicle security – In the event, a car key is stolen you are at risk of the key thieves locating and steeling your car. Car thieves can probably get to your car before an auto locksmith, but if you have a spare key you can access the car and drive if to a safe location for an auto locksmith to cut a replacement key and erase the stolen key.
  5. Access keys locked in the car – Should you accidentally lock your keys in the car you will have a spare key to unlock the vehicle and retrieve your keys. During the winter months, thousands of motorists lock their keys inside a running vehicle whilst defrosting the windscreens. Having a spare key will save you both time and cash in having to call out an auto locksmith.
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