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Car crime is a common occurrence

It’s a sad fact that in the UK, car crime is a common occurrence.

But there are some security measures you can take to help prevent you being caught out.

  1. Car alarm – it is quite an old method but, car alarms are effective. They are not just designed to wake up the neighbours when fluffy the cat jumps on your car at three In the morning
  2. Car immobiliser– An immobiliser is an electronic device designed to prevent a car from being started by someone without the proper key.
  3. Car tracking systems – Car tracking systems require a transmitter to be hidden in your car. The if stolen, you can track the vehicle and recover it. This isn’t going to prevent it from being stolen but is a great peace of mind.
  4. Steering locks – Although these are quite ugly but for a relatively cheap cost you can prevent your vehicle from being driven, so its food for thought
  5. Hide valuables – This will not cost you a penny!, but hiding your valuables when leaving the car is the BEST things you can do to stop your car being targeted
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