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Lock out thieves during warmer weather

We keep banging on – but it takes seconds for a thief to break in and a lifetime to get over it

Residents are being reminded to lock out thieves as the warmer weather looks set to continue.

During the warmer weather there can often be a rise in the number of sneak-in burglaries – a sneak-in burglary is where the burglar gets into the property through an open door or window and does not have to force entry.

And, as people take advantage of the nice weather so too are burglars who are targeting houses where a door has been left unlocked or a window left open.

Taking a few crime prevention measures can help make all the difference in stopping the property from being targeted, and as police do all they can to catch those responsible they are asking for the public’s help by making it even more difficult for thieves.

Motorists are also reminded to shut the window and remove any valuable items from display when they leave their vehicles unattended as opportunist thieves look to take advantage of poor car security as well.

“Being a victim of burglary has a huge impact on victims, no-one wants their home to be targeted, or valuable items taken from their vehicle, and while my teams across the county are actively targeting those criminals we know are responsible we’re asking for the public’s help in making their home and vehicle less desirable to thieves.”

  • “If you are in the garden make sure no-one can get into the house without you knowing, lock the front door and close windows that can be easily accessed.
  • “When you leave the house close all windows and lock all doors, it takes a few moments to double check but could make all the difference.
  • “Don’t leave valuable items such as phones, keys or wallets near an open window and never leave them in an empty vehicle. Never leave the vehicle with a window open or unlocked and again double check the vehicle is locked.
  • “Be aware of what is in the garden and make sure there is nothing that can be used to access the house, for example ladders or storage units that could be climbed on to access a window and make sure gardening equipment is stored in a secured shed, garage or outbuilding.”
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