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Lock Snapping and helping to prevent it!!

Lock Snapping!!

There has been a large increase in lock snapping in the UK over the past few years some regions have reportedly seen an increase of over 25% in burglaries where the thieves have gained entry by this method

So what is lock snapping?

Lock snapping is where the locking cylinder is literally snapped in two by applying lateral or vertical force to one end of the Euro profile cylinder, leaving the mechanism vulnerable to attack, entry can be gained within seconds.

What type of doors are effected by lock snapping?

Lock snapping effects euro cylinder locks, a lock type commonly used in Upvc, composite and aluminium doors which are fitted to millions of commercial and residential properties throughout the UK.

How to check if your door may be vulnerable

If your Euro lock protrudes past the handles more than 3mm then your door may be at risk of lock snapping , If you are concerned about your security call us on  01392 461200 we can advise you on your  security and give you a free quote to upgrade your locks.

How should the lock cylinder be correctly fitted?

The more of the cylinder that is accessible, the more prone it is to snapping, and a properly fitted cylinder (with no external overhang) will provide more protection against snapping, so size of the cylinder is vital too. A perfect example of why lock fitting  isn’t a do it yourself job!

The cylinder should not protrude more than 3mm from the handle and ideally should be completely flush for maximum safety.


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