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Motorcycle Security Tips

Whilst we supply and cut keys for motorcycles where you may have lost or broken your key it is important to think about the security aspects of owning a motorcycle.

Bikes are stolen by joy riders, stolen to order, or stolen to be broken down as parts, and can often be out of the country before you know they’re gone. Despite this, less than half of all bikes are protected by bike locks or any other security devices.

An unsecured bike is an easy target for thieves as it can be wheeled away, lifted or bundled into a van. The more security measures you make, the less attractive your bike will be to thieves and by adding approved security devices to prevent theft, you could reduce your insurance premium .

We have compiled a few tips on how you can keep your bike safe.

Motorbike Alarms and Immobilisers

Does your bike have either of these? By having an insurance approved combined alarm and immobiliser this would deter most thieves.

Motorbike Locks

Perhaps the simplest and most visible deterrent, are large motorcycle chain locks or motorcycle cable locks. These should always be secured to an immovable object, such as a ground anchor, a lamppost, or another bike. Always try to thread the chain or cable through your frame if possible, as many bikes are stolen for parts and one wheel either way won’t stop some thieves from taking your bike.

Motorbike disc locks can be a deterrent to the casual thief, but they will only slow down a professional by a few seconds. Professional thieves will often simply lift your bike into a van and drive away, unhindered by any lock attached to the bike itself. So you should never rely on these alone. That’s why most bikers will own a disk lock as well as have an alarm immobiliser.


If you have a garage, make sure you use it. Many bike thefts occur from the owner’s home because they get complacent and leave their motorbike outside over night. Don’t leave your bike out for all to see, always put it away in the garage as soon as you arrive. Make sure your garage is properly secure. If it’s easy to break into you could actually be helping the thieves by giving them cover in which to work. If you can, put a ground anchor in the garage and lock your bike to it.


Also remember to alarm it. It might be locked in the garage but its still possible for thieves to break in and steal it. Try and make it as difficult as possible for them.

Sensible steps to bike security

Even the strongest motorcycle locks and the most sophisticated motorcycle alarms will do you little good if you park your bike out of sight and give the pros time to disable them. So it makes sense to always park your bike where it can be seen, day or night, by passers by ( when not at home). Try to vary the places you park so that thieves don’t learn your habits.

Secure Parking

If you are out and about, most cities have a secure motorcycle parking area for bikers. Always lock your bike to something fixed to the ground such as security loops, stands, lamps or a road signpost. This makes it more difficult to pick the bike up.

Locking your bike and following the other security steps may seem like a hassle, but it’s nothing compared to the stress and cost of having your bike stolen.

If you need new or duplicate keys for your motorcycle, if you have lost a key and need it replaced then get in touch.

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