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There really are some despicable people out there

During the last few days we have had to fit new door locks for the Hospiscare shop in Budleigh after they were broken into.

Having carried out security works for Hospicare for many years we were shocked to think that somebody could be so callous as to break in and steal from a charity shop ( they even stole the charity collection box !!). They do such great work in supporting so many people but it seems to be a sad reflection of some members of our society.

The event did get us to thinking that we would put some tips together on how retail outlets can try to protect themselves and their property from these characters so feel free to take alook at the below list and if you think we can be of any help to you then please do get in touch

Burglary Prevention Tips for Retailers

• Light all exterior points of entry with permanent fixtures that are difficult to reach or tamper with.
• Light the exterior of your business enough so that someone outside the building could see someone inside.
• Install a fence or hedge, it’s your first line of defence. You should be able to see through the fence. Hedges should be wide, rather than high, and of a prickly, thorny variety.
• Install window locks designed and positioned so they cannot be reached and unlocked after breaking the glass.
• Install safety glass or reinforce windows and doors with grills or bars.
• Install motion detectors to sense movement inside the building.
• Install entry protection alarms to detect the breaking of windows and the opening of doors.
• Relocate valuable stock away from doors or windows.
• Install a deadbolt lock in each exterior door.
• Train your staff, teach them about the burglary prevention measures you have taken and the correct use of any equipment you have installed.
• Explain to staff the importance of keeping a watchful eye for suspicious people/vehicles to prevent people ‘casing your premises’.
• Leave the till open, by leaving the till visible, open and clearly empty, any burglars seeking cash are likely to lose interest.
• Reduce stock, the less you have, the less that can be taken. Coordinate deliveries with your suppliers to introduce ‘just in time’ deliveries.

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