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Top 10 do’s and don’ts of vehicle security.

It’s  very easy to take for granted that we have transport and with modern technology many of us think we are invincible, our vehicles are safe and nobody would try to steal or vehicle or items inside ….. You could not be more wrong, opportunist theives are always on the look out for easy targets, so help yourself with some common sense does aand dont’s

  1. Do lock your doors and glove compartment. Research has shown that adults forget, on average, three things a day – don’t let locking your vehicle be one of them! If your vehicle has keyless entry, try the door before you leave; thieves can use blocking devices against locking systems.
  2. Don’t leave your valuables on display. Hide any purses, wallets, phones or devices in a lockable place, such as the glove compartment or boot. Remove your satellite navigation system – and don’t forget the cradle! An empty cradle on the windscreen or dashboard is a sure sign that a sat-nav is hiding in the vehicle.
  3. Do plan where you park. If possible, park somewhere that’s well lit and visible. Park facing an obstacle such as a wall or bollard; this will stop any quick getaways if the worst should happen.
  4. Don’t leave your vehicle running unattended, even if just to step away for a short period of time.
  5. Do join the National Mobile Property Register. This is the police’s national record of stolen items; you can register your vehicle with them, so if it’s stolen it will be searchable on the database.
  6. Don’t leave your windows open. If you have electric windows, press and hold that button. If you have manual ‘keep fit’ windows, give your arms a workout and turn until you can turn no more! The obvious exception to this rule is if there’s a pet in the vehicle.
  7. Do join a Vehicle Watch scheme, if there’s one in your area. You’ll be provided with high-visibility stickers which, if applied, invite the police to stop your vehicle if it’s seen in use between midnight and 5 am. Interested? Ask your local crime prevention officer for more information.
  8. Don’t leave any documents showing your address in the car. This includes your V5C vehicle registration document. If this document falls into the wrong hands, it could be used for fraudulent purposes.
  9. Do store your vehicle keys out of sight in your house. Avoid placing the key rack near any letterboxes or windows. If your vehicle keys are on the same keyring as your house keys, don’t leave them in the door.
  10. Don’t forget your number plate: make sure it’s theft-proof. If a thief transferred your number plates to another vehicle, you’d receive any parking or speeding fines they collected. You can buy theft-resistant number plates, which are designed to break apart if forcibly removed. Security screws can also be used and fitted with standard tools.
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