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Ford Car Keys

ford car keysMost of the Ford vehicles found in the UK today use one of two key systems, the Tibbie or the laser cut key. Both these types of key can be supplied as a standard plastic top key or as a central locking remote key.

The Tibbie key was first introduced around 1990 and is still used today. This key has a cylindrical tip with slopes cut at various angles. This key uses 6 positions with depth cuts from 1-4.

The laser cut key is Fords latest design and consists of a flat steel blade which is milled on the top edge to produce what can be best described as looking like a “mountain range”.

This type of key was introduced around 2005 and uses 10 positions with depth cuts from 1-5.

At Devon Security we are able to gain entry to vehicles fitted with either of these type of locks quickly, easily and without any damage to your vehicle, even if the vehicle is deadlocked. We do not wedge the door and frame apart and insert wires into the vehicle to pull handles, which can damage the vehicle paintwork, nor do we insert wires into the door cavity as there is a risk of damage to the linkage arms which operate the locking mechanism.

In the event of you losing all your keys we can quickly and easily decode your lock with our specialist equipment without the need for the lock to be removed from the vehicle, and cut a working key ready to program within 5 minutes.

With our specialist diagnostic equipment we can program new keys to your vehicle at the roadside, so no need for the vehicle to be recovered to the dealer.

Call us on 01392 461200 to arrange a home visit.

Call us on 01392 461200 to arrange a home visit